If you’re thinking about joining the club; have a read of some trip reportsIMG_0045 or come to a meeting to figure out what we’re all about. However if you’re already convinced you can contact the membership officer right now. We also have a pretty active Facebook page.


The club meets every Wednesday during term time at 7.30pm in room KG06, Kirkwood Village, University of Canterbury. A map can be found here.

See y’all soon!


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The Website login 101

If you have joined the club, paid your membership fee for 2016 and are receiving weekly emails, you should have also received a link to the website registration. You will need to go to this link and enter your details yourself to generate your own login. The website won’t know you until you have done this.

If you have signed up/paid fee and aren’t receiving any club emails: email technowizard@cutc.org.nz

If you have signed up/paid fee, are receiving club emails, but didn’t get the link to the website registration: email technowizard@cutc.org.nz

If you have signed up/paid fee, are receiving club emails and filled in the website registration, but your login still doesn’t work: Please be patient, as it probably means that I have not had the time to activate your new account or am waiting for someone to confirm that you are actually a paid-up member.



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Slushy Snowcraft

Porters to Arthurs painted in White_Cropped

A winter wonderland, indeed. I have never been over Porters Pass before with snow down to the road level. Fresh powdery snow covered literally everything, which is an absolute paradise for the skiing but not so much for the driving and tramping lot. Goodness knows what could have happened up that access road to the Broken River Skifield with those rented vans had the trailers still been attached. Continue reading

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Mt Rolleston Via Rome Ridge

Low cloud obscuring route__header

“Pumped to get out of the city and climb a mountain”! Saturday evening the four of us, Hamish Cumming, Chris Sillars, Alan Williams and I drove through the falling snow in Porters and onwards to the CMC Lodge, Arthurs Pass. There had been talk of climbing Mt Rolleston via Rome Ridge for sometime. With the weather not looking ideal we were still keen to give it a crack.

After a quick pub snack and an intense P90X core session in the hope of getting some fabulous abs we were all tucked up getting some shut eye before our 4am wake up call. Consumed by deep sleep, warm and content, Hamish’s alarm activated, jumping us all right awake. With no time to waste a good 4am breakfast was hastily arranged, my body complaining about eating so early in the morning.  There was quite a variety of breakfasts from oats – pizza – toasties – rice and tuna. Yum Yum. Continue reading

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St James Walkway

Pretty scenery on day 2_header

An 8 AM start in the UCSA carpark yielded 7 sleepy trampers, which resulted in a quick consensus to stop in Culverden pie and coffee. Following a mandatory group photo, off we set, discovering along the way that slopes make for interesting optical illusions. Continue reading

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Glory to the Peak

This trip started with an unexpected call for a challenge. While having breakfast I was reading a TROG from 2006 and found exactly the same trip we would start just a couple of hours later: “Gloriana Peak: …not every CUTC group made it to the peak – give your best…” Ok, challenge accepted! The weather forecast did not look ideal at that time but with Jack, Wolf, Caroline and Phil we would start with a strong team. Everything would mainly depend on the weather! Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Zach (and Andrews Stream Trapping)

Views on Day 2_Header

These are all true events.

Part 1: Zach and the Manky Fork
Enda found a manky fork on the track near the hut. Zach didn’t bring cutlery for his dinner so resorted to using said manky fork. Although, Zach did clean the manky fork with a wet wipe, this was after Enda cleaned the candle wax out of a candle holder with it.

The manky fork was in hot demand as Enda then also professed his love for it. A battle ensued. Zach asked Enda if he could keep the manky fork. Enda said “yes”. Continue reading

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A slice of Pie and a Pile of Choss


I had been cooped up in front of my computer screen deciphering the intricacies of Latex for an unpleasant amount of time, so when Jeff suggested a weekend trip to Arthur’s Pass I thought “YES!” “Outside!”. And so despite knowing that Rome Ridge was a total chosspile in the middle of summer, I decided it would be a good idea to traverse said ridge with Jeff, Tania and Barbara. Continue reading

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View from the summit

The trip started with a small disappointment: The idea for this weekend trip was to climb Snowflake (near Kaikoura) coming through Kowhai River and Snowflake Stream, to traverse the peak and to come back over Homestead Spur. But the local farmer and owner of the Swyncombe farm, worrying about his cattle, did not give us his permission. This was his given right (no real reason to be angry) and in the end we were actually lucky – we would never have made it (too long and too technical with all the snow)! Continue reading

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Quail Island and the Questionable Ferry


A group of 9 tramps set off on Saturday morning to go and combat the CUTC’s carbon emissions by doing some restoration planting on Quail Island in Lyttelton harbour. We arrived just before the ferry was set to depart, only to be texted that the ferry was late and there was no rush. We had to find something to do until the ferry was ready to leave in an hour’s time… Continue reading

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Refreshers Weekend


This past weekend I hiked along to Woolshed Creek Hut with the Tramping Club! For those asking yourself, “what is tramping???”, it is hiking! There were four different routes that the club took groups on and I went on the second hardest route. This meant 6+ hours of tramping with my pack – a challenge since this was my first time going on a backpacking trip, but a fun adventure!

Continue reading

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The Kegspedition


Words: Sam Stephenson,

Images: Matthew Falloon

Last years bushball was followed by something of a shenanigan.

Somehow we found ourselves in the Avoca homestead carpark with an unfinished keg of beer, two inflatable rafts and an idea…

Continue reading

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Deep in the Winter Snow

Winter sunset from Barkers Hut

6.00 pm on a bone chilling Friday night in mid July we all slipped and stumbled our way up to Carrington Hut. Keen we were…braving this cold. The Waimakariri river was filled with rocks blanketed with snow illuminating the path for the five of us as chat broke up the long 4hr valley walk. Guided by Venus and a little sneaky GPS we made it to Carrington Hut on a pretty direct route sticking to the river the whole way.

Continue reading

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How not to go tramping

Date: 20th June 2015
Tramps: Andrew Seward, Tania Seward, Glen Baxter
Words: Andrew Seward
Photos: there aren’t any. Read on and you’ll see why.

Weekends are a precious commodity. Between full time work and study, there aren’t many free. With this in mind, we decided to make the most of it. Ball Pass, near Mt Cook was the plan. As the date approached the 10 day forecast wasn’t looking fantastic with storms, snow and sleet predicted. The tramping guru Geoff Spearpoint suggested we find a nice hut with a fire not too far from the road. He even suggested a few places. We decided to continue with our plan. Geoff is probably mellowing with age, we’ll be right, we are definitely going tramping.

Continue reading

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Devil’s Den Biv, Lewis Pass

Jeff, Zeinab and Rachael en route to Nina Hut

Date: 12-13th April 2014
Tramps: Zeinab Chegini, Tania Seward, Jeff Ducrot, Rachael Horner
Words: Zeinab Chegini
Photos: Tania Seward

Cuddling, huddling, huggling, snuggling; these are the terms that are discussed when four happy trampers share a two bunk biv. What would an overnight tramp be without copious amounts of huddling anyway?

Continue reading

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Tara Tama Traverse



Words and images: Caroline Bellamy

Participants: Caroline Bellamy, Hamish Cumming, Alastair McDowell, Philip Sültrop and Phil Wallace

After dinner at Darfield we arrived 9.00pm Friday in Arthurs Pass, where all the fun began. With our five packs loaded and ice gear secured we began our way towards Rocky creek hut on the pleasant warm night it was, pumped and excited for what was to come. We estimated a 2-3 hour walk in…. well……

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Andrews Stream



Location: Andrews Shelter, Arthur’s Pass
Date: 21 March, 2015
Participants: Matt Falloon and a crew of happy tramps

Words & Images: Susanne Birgelen

On a very sunny Saturday Matt and a group of motivated trampers met at the UCSA carpark. Everyone arrived well prepared with towels and extra clothing, since we were going to be wet. Our plan called for an adventure, so we were very glad for the great weather. We started walking at Andrews Shelter, about 25km south of Arthur’s Pass Village. Right at the beginning we had to walk steeply uphill. But the rest of the first half of the tramp was rather a nice stroll tramping up the Andrews Stream Track. We had plenty of time and pleasure to enjoy the forest, take pictures and watch birds.

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Concerning Freshers


Location: Magdalen Hut, St James Walkway, Lewis Pass
Date: March 7-8, 2015
Participants: 60+ Freshers

Images by Samuel Chau and Josie Dransfeld

“This trog is largely concerned with Freshers – CUTC’s first big annual tramping trip – and from its pages a reader may discover much of its character and a little of its history”

Continue reading

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A Journey to the Top of New Zealand – Aoraki Ascent


Words & images: Alastair McDowell
Participants: David Chen, Elisha Nutall, Alastair McDowell

There are only a few days each year when the many suns, stars and moons that govern perfect mountaineering conditions at Mt Cook line up. To be there ready, with a climbing partner, feeling fit and primed to pounce at this very moment – the chances seem impossibly slim. But on one such day in mid-December, the impossible happened.

Good weather was moving in for the weekend, so we made our move to advanced base-camp – Plateau Hut – on a miserably wet Wednesday. Although my climbing partners Elisha and David were quite keen, as most are, to fly from Mt Cook village up to the Grand Plateau, I was determined to make a clean ascent from the road-end, and eventually convinced them to join me.

Continue reading

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Brilliant Ball Pass


Words & images: Enda Walsh
Participants: Simon Litchwark, Jeff Ducrot, Enda Walsh

So Ball Pass. It had been on my mind for some time. I’d first heard about it from Alex Warnaar when we did our Basic Alpine Skills course with the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. We were up at Mueller hut and Alex mentioned it as a route from across the Mount Cook Range from the Hooker to the Tasman Valleys, one that was good to do in Winter if you were confident in your snow and ice skills.

Continue reading

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