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Our meetings occur weekly in KF07 (in Kirkwood Village on Campus) at 7.30pm on Wednesdays. Come along to meet everyone, learn something, sign up to trips and join the club!

Want to join?

Come to a meeting, sign up online or try emailing our membership officer. You don’t need to be a student to join.


CUTC folk are pretty active on Facebook – come and say hi here.

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Welcome 2015!

Hello fellow trampers,


Welcome to another year in the fantastic Canterbury University Tramping Club (CUTC). For those that have been in the club, we hope you enjoyed your summer and managed to get heaps of exploring in (remember to get in those TROGS ;-)). For those that are new to the CUTC, we would like to express a warm welcome to you, you are in for a great year!


Useful Infomation:



Our first meeting of the year is Wednesday night (4th March) at 7pm in C2 lecture theatre. For this meeting, we will go over a few club essentials such as gear requirements showing examples of the do’s and don’ts associated with what to wear when tramping, introduce the committee, some general information on the trip signup process, club intentions forms etc, and a run down on our first big trip this coming weekend, Freshers.


Trips this coming weekend 7 – 8th March

We start the year with a bang, our first annual event ‘Freshers’, aiming to get as many of our new and old members out for a tramp in the hills. Other than TWALK (TWenty four hour WALK), this is our biggest event of the year, with the aim of getting over 80 people out there! Whether you’re a full on Alpinist or are venturing out into the New Zealand wilderness for the first time, we’ve got a choice of routes to our destination, we hope will keep everyone entertained so no pressure. This is a great chance to meet new friends, who are also passionate about the outdoors, learn to cross rivers, cook in the outdoors and set up your campsite.


The wednesday night meeting will give you a better rundown on this event. To sign up for Freshers, bring along $30 this coming Wednesday night. There are only 80 spots available, so make sure you come along! To come along on freshers you need to be a member of the CUTC, so if you have any friends that need to sign up as well, bring along another $20 for membership. If you are planning on signing up as a member to the club, PLEASE come to C2 lecture theatre at 6:45pm in order to make the trip sign-up process smooth for us :).


For those of you wanting something a bit shorter, we have a free day trip on offer for Saturday 7th March-Pine pulling. In conjunction with Environment Canterbury, you will go out for a day and vent your anger with an axe on one of New Zealand’s most hated group of plants- the Wilding Pines. If you have been out in the New Zealand wilderness you know how much of a problem they are and how quickly they can spread -so here is your chance to help! Please sign-up at the meeting on Wednesday night for this trip too.


Gear for Freshers

Regular hours (see the above link) will start after the meeting this Wednesday, with one extra meeting time this week, Thursday noon, for Freshers rentals.


Refund Policy:

If you have signed up for a trip on the Wednesday night, and after the meeting you realise that you can not make the trip, you must let us know by 4pm, Thursday or else you will not get a refund.


Following up from freshers this term is bushcraft, where you learn all those important skills, such as navigation, camp cooking, and generally how to survive in the New Zealand bush. This is a great trip if you’re new to the club or New Zealand, as we are very unique in our environment. If you’re not new then its a great chance to brush up on the all important map reading skill ready for the year ahead. We also have planned for this term a trip to our very own hut; Avoca! These trips will be presented in due course by our sometimes incomprehensible, Trips Officer Enda.


See you all at the meeting on Wednesday,


Your tramptastic club captains

Glen and Ethan



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